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Bar and Bat Mitzvah
What We Believe In
Jewish Holidays   

   The Jewish people have several significant beliefs that are important to them.  We all turn twelve or thirteen at some point in our lives.  In the section Bar and Bat Mitzvah, I discovered an article that goes into more detail about what this service actually entails.  In the section entitled Commandments, I have provided a list of all 613 commandments.  I personally had no idea that some of these commandments even existed before.  The section entitled Hebrew will show you pictures of what Hebrew is and how explains what Hebrew is.  The section about Torah has a paraphrased essay from Bartleby about what Torah is.  What We Believe In is a section that talks about some of the more interesting frequently asked questions about Judaism.  Finally, Jewish holidays is a section that was taken directly from another site to explain about the Jewish holidays that we have throughout the year.         


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